What to wear to a preview of the new Boux Avenue Store

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What to wear to a preview of the new Boux Avenue Store

Hi Guys, I've been invited to a preview to celebrate the opening of the new Boux Avenue Store in Bath. What to wear? Fingers crossed the weather is going to be lovely so I think it's got to be either a skirt or a dress. I've got 2 little dresses to choose from and a skirt (appropriately from Boux Avenue) which is actually a petticoat but it's just too pretty to be hidden.

Dress from House of Fraser

Top from Mango
Skirt from Boux Avenue

Dress from Zara

Just place your vote above in the box and leave a little comment below if you feel like it. Twitter Shoutouts to all who vote and comment!

Happy Voting everyone lets make this the biggest vote yet!


  1. I like number three. It looks fun and sexy in a classy way. The others were cute, but this on is an attention grabber. If you want to steal the spot light, go with numbe three.

  2. I love the second outfit, it looks really fun and flirty, but it's still simple and classic! x

    Twenty One

  3. Hello! So nice to have some sunshine. The pink outfit for me. Its really cute and plus you will be showing of Boux Avenue's lovely petticoat. xxxx

  4. Love third choice from Zara...great colors!