What to wear to dinner on Valentines night?

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I've just been told I'm being taken out to dinner tonight for Valentines night.Which of course is lovely but I've no time to choose an outfit...a girl needs time to prepare!!
I've narrowed it down to these 3...please help. It's a quick decision today. I only have a few hours to decide so vote as fast as you can.
With love as usual Gg x

Body chain - Miss Selfridge
Dress - French Connection

Dress Miss Selfridge

Leave a comment in the box below to say which one you voted for and I'll give everyone a special shoutout on  Twitter. Thanks everyone xx


  1. Well the pink miss selfridge dress is very cute and pink will certainly fit todays theme, might be a bit predictable though. The black dress with the gold miss selfridge chain is my fav, very edgey and sexy. Not such a fan of the french connection dress, its nice, just nothing overly special. xx

  2. I voted for the French Connection dress @DanceStarParty

  3. Wasn't sure between the french connection dress and the chain dress, but I chose the french connection one as a V-necks's always a winner haha. Would be lovely with red shoes /accessories to bring a bit of valentines day into it. @Naomi_Crawley

  4. French connection with black stud earrings and a clutch bag. Perfect for valentines day dinner. :)

  5. The French Connection dress DEFINITELY :). Gorgeous dress and so sexy, perfect for a Valentine's day dinner :)